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Keep cool on the go


Keep cool on the go with the liuliuby portable, rechargeable stroller fan. The fan is rotatable and comes with a durable clip-on clamp. Unlike fans with silicone legs, our clamp is durable and can be attached to different places on the stroller. It’s quiet yet powerful motor has 3 speeds and it is rechargeable for added convenience. Bring it along on your next warm weather walk and you will not be disappointed.

Stroller Clip On Fan

    • 3 air flow speed setting
    • NEW clip on design (clamp opens up to 2.25”)
    • Angle adjustable 360-degrees vertically and horizontally
    • Battery lasts approximately: 3.5 hours (high); 5 hours (mid); 11 hours (low).
    • Narrow gaps (5mm wide) keep tiny fingers safe
    • 2600mAh rechargeable battery fully charges in 3.5hrs (Indicator light will turn red while charging and green when it’s fully charged)
    • Type-C charging cable included
    • 5.5” w x 2.5” d x 8.25” h
    • Patent-pending
    • 30-day free return for a full refund
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